Sex Positions to Try Out Before 2021 Ends

Dehradun Escort

If you are also tired of trying the same classic yet old poses and positions with your partner in bed, just like our Tempting Dehradun Escort girls, and our today’s topic is really going to be beneficial for you. Today we would provide some quick suggestions about some positions that you may try out with your escorts. Of course, you can always google for better recommendations but these are some of our favorites. Stop doing the same old positions as it is high time that you add on some extra spice and increase the hotness quotient between the two of you.

This is your cue to try out all the different and unique things you always thought of for building orgasms but never got the time or courage to do. Our girls are always super ready and super excited to try something new always. And today we want to discuss something different. 

Servitude: If you think Fifty Shades of Grey taught you something, seek inspiration from it. Leather, handcuffs, and spanks are all you need to get started. That feeling of being controlled by someone results in very strong arousal and that is not everyone’s forte. So, if you are the one who likes experimenting and would like to spice up your sex life, just GO FOR IT! 

Roleplay: If you feel that you are the creative one and loves to live in your dreamy world, full of imaginations and thoughts then Roleplay is certainly going to be your thing. Our girls are also very creative and can come up with some crazy ideas as well. Just get ready to turn all your Fantasies into realities with sensuous scenarios and the best part about roleplays is yet to be discussed. If you are thinking about getting dressed up for the roleplays then you are absolutely on the right track. Creating or wearing costumes as per your roleplays is just like adding colors to your imaginations. This is your opportunity to paint your thoughts and dreams into a Beautiful reality. So do enjoy this process.

Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy: trying our cowboy or cowgirl pose is a very common and obvious practice. But trust us, not only the escorts but clients are also tired of trying it. So how about switching up the things slightly with the reverse position of these OG positions. This will make things a lot kinkier between the two of you. Give our Provocative Dehradun Escort a good orgasm and see what wonders this can do for the entire meeting. Try it out and share your experience in the comments section below.

The year 2021 is about to end and you don’t want to stick in the same old missionary position. It is high time that you try out something new and you also know that you won’t get a better chance and a better partner to try all these Amazing kinks. We are sure that you will thank us later for all this. For now, just have some fun!!

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